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I've been a longtime lurker on LMR  and finally want to start sharing some projects. Hopefully this will be the first of many projects and robots I share with the … Read more

Stacking Shields

Hey everyone,

I have a quick question concerning stacking arduino shields. Can you stack as many shields as you want as long as none of them use the same pins? 

I have Ro-Bot-X's robot builders shield as well as a xbee shield that I would like to stack onto an Uno. From my understanding, the xbee shield just uses pin 0 and 1 for serial and breaks out the rest. And then the robot builders shield doesnt touch pins 0 or 1. 

How would you spend $100?


I've been closely following this site for a few months now and am itching to start building robots and just nifty things with electronics. I've bought an Arduino Inventors kit from sparkfun, and I can say I'm fairly comfortable now with the basics but I have a very limited supply of parts. With university finals coming up I've decided to buy roughly $100 of parts as a little reward for myself at the end of exams. 

Trouble with Code for Shift Register and LEDs

Hi LMR. After stumbling onto this site last month I fell in love with the idea robotics. I bought a Arduino starter kit last week, to start learning the basics.  One of the tutorials I did involved counting in binary using a shift register and 8 LEDs. I didn't really understand the code for the tutorial or how the shift operator works so I started with something more basic.