Let's Make Robots!

yuri suzuki: colour chaser

Hmmm....but why have such unpleasant sounds?  

As an elementary school art teacher I really like this.  Kids would be so excited to hear their color path.

I found this on designboom.

Happy New Year, y'all!


senseless drawing bot (from designboom)

I can see letting this robot go down the halls of many visually sterile buildings...I like the effect!


companion bot...jiggles once in awhile to keep you company
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turns occasionally
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Ruminations on Rummaging

My colleagues have begun to notice my Monday morning glow. It all started when I began to want to build BEAM bots. The delight I take in going to the dump each weekend to pick through the "trade shack" for broken electronic filled toys is rarely matched.  What is not to like?