Let's Make Robots!
companion bot...jiggles once in awhile to keep you company
  Help! What am I doing wrong? I have checked the connections for bogus soldering, checked the circuit plan a zillion times, checked the transistors to be … Read more
Meant to sit and jiggle gently while ticking reassuringly. Actually it was meant to manic-ly jitter and jiggle on a smooth surface but I couldn't do it so I … Read more
turns occasionally
I'm still playing as I learn the basics. The great news is that I have passed on my interest to a third grade student! He is now pestering his mom for permission … Read more
ticks, tocks, buzzes and changes audio patterns depending on light level
I'm learning while doing.  I know it is working as the Jameco catalog is now bedside reading and when I re-read the Forrest Mims Getting Started in … Read more
rolls forward
  I need a red rubber band tire!  The neck wiggles for awhile after it comes to a halt.      Read more