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Electronic Smoke Module

Hi guys!


Tonight I was browsing the internet and came across an old toy robot that I had when I was a lot younger.  I then remembered that this robot basically drove around in different directions as smoke was coming from its mouth. After a little research, I found the same toy that I once had however this got me wondering if it would be possible to do something similar on one of my own robots.


After a little more research, All I could find about the topic was that it had something to do with vegetable oil i beleive?

SD 20 servo driver

Hi guys, Recently I posted a post on the forum about controlling a larger amount of servos (18). A few people suggested the SD20 servo driver chip which looked awesome so I went ahead and purchased a few of these chips. I have made the board and setup my picaxe 40x2 to send out the commands via i2c however I have ran into some problems that I just can't work out. All of the servos do seem to move to the given position but they seem to lack greatly in power. Second problem is that the servo movement range is greatly decreased.

Picaxe 40X2 servo control

Hey guys,


I have been working on a new project over the past couple of days and I have just come to the electronics stage of the project.  What I need is control of 18 servos.  For this I purchased a 40x2 chip as I saw how many I/O it had and seemed like the way to go.  Problem is that when I plugged in my Picaxe 40X2 and attempted to control a servo, The editor advsied me that only the "B" pins could be used with the servo commands.  This means that I can only control 8 servos with this chip?

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Picaxe 08M with visual basic 6

Hi guys,

For the past few weeks I have been playing with Visual Basic 6 and attempting to get it talking to my picaxe 08M chip.  I have found a few tutorials online that are not exactly for this chip but I can follow and understand how they work (at least i think so).  My goal that I am trying to achieve is a simple off and on LED switch via VB6.  I have tried tweaking my code many times and going through various tutorials but I have had no success. Here is how i have been setting up.

Picaxe power supply question

Hey guys i have  a quick power related question.

I have been playing with picaxe chips for a while now and I have recently been thinking about different ways to power these chips.  I have been powering up my projects just using AA batteries and a have come to the point where I need my project to remain powered on for larger amounts of time (days). 


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IR with Picaxe

Hey guys,