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Price: $27.5 USD
The Seeeduino 328 is the newest model of an Arduino Diecemila clone from Seed Studio. It is a fully compatible Arduino Diecemila board, evolved with SMD components. … Read more
Price: $49.5 USD
The new Seeeduino Mega is the first Arduino Mega clone with the powerfull Atmega1280 processor from Seeed Studio. The board size is identical to a normal Arduino … Read more
TTL serial converter cable which will allow for a simple way to connect serial TTL level devices to USB. No MAX232 or other level converters needed. It works very … Read more
Price: $13 USD
BlinkM is a "Smart LED", a programmable full-color RGB LED. It is controlled from a small AVR microcontroller (ATtiny45). The user can control the RGB LED over a … Read more