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[solved] Where are my drafts?


the drafts section on my account has been gone. Can someone else check this?



Don't worry it's just ESD!

This is one of the best epic fail tech tutorials, ever. This guy is a professional, don't try this at home.

Permanent Google+ hangout

We now have a permanent Google+ hangout for LMR users.


What is a hangout?

Google+ hangout is a multi user video chat. Upto 10 users can join the hangout at the same time. A permanent hangout doesn't mean there is already somebody available. It just means the hangout is never ending, it is always available under the same link.

Why should I use hangout?

Dagu 4 channel motor driver fried


I have fried my 4 channel motor driver and don't know how this can happpen. As you can see in the picture the Dual FET IC  U10 for motor 4 is blown away. This happened during a first test of my IOIO-SHR v2 robot. Before connecting the motor driver the program has been tested with an oscilloscope, all Outputs are working as expected. All connections has been double checked. Power supply testet with an voltmeter. Each PWM pin can be controlled from the Android phone with a Slider of my test app. PWM frequency was 1kHz.

Google+ anybody?

Google plus is the new social network platform and has been launched as Beta last week. It's a little bit tricky to get an invitation for an account. If someone is interested to get an account, I can help.

Robot 'Justin' Catches Balls Tossed in its Direction

Justin is a robot developed at German Aerospace center DLR. I saw him at CeBit 2009 (2nd video), where he is serving ice tea. Now he learns some new tricks, like catching balls or making coffee. Very impressive!


ECCEROBOT show some human-like cognitive features. BTW, nice polymorph work.