Let's Make Robots!

AI Challenge anybody ?

I have found aichallenge.org like two weeks ago and I could not stop myself to play there.

At first I was thinking at swarm robotics but software only. In their challenge you will lose if you choose this way but you can use the tools they offer to build your swarm robotics farm, especially if you know python to customize the framework. The robots can be writted in different programming languages - I use C++.

Motor sizing problem - Online calculators

Hi everyone,

I need two motors for my new robot and I used two online calculators to make the motor selection:

but I've got different results.

My input data:

  • mass 7Kg
  • 2 drive motors
  • wheel radius 0.037 m
  • velocity 0.38 m/s
  • acceleration 0.2 m/s^2
  • efficiency 65%
  • maximum incline angle 20 degree