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Traveling (Fliying) with electronic parts

Hey guys! I am traveling with some electronic parts and was wondering if you guy had any tips.

  • BOM 
  • Lots of resistors 
  • Headers and sockets 
  • Two altiods tin sized plastic boxes 
  • Two PCBs 
  • Two panel mount buttons 
  • Foot of ribbon cable 
  • Roll of wire wrap 
  • Card reader 
  • Rubber feet

By the way this is in Check in Bagage.

Teensy/Arduino IDE Help


Bought one of these bad boys from -Adafruit- yesterday!

USB native hehe! but not here yet. (of couse used USPS first class)

need a bit o' help though. i want to get those .HEX files after Arduino compiles them. I am on a mac. where are those hex files?

tried searching  but, no luck probaly in .tmp folder :p.

Any help would appreciated!





IR detection

Hi LMR! in need some help with a ir opponent detector. how do you make 38khz signal from a picaxe?