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Motor driver design ideas

I've decided to rebuild my L239D based motor controller a bit since A) it looks like crap and B) it uses to many pins and C) can't handle larger loads.

The plan is to piggyback two SN754410 instead of one L239D and add a tristate switch with transistors for the HIGH/LOW part.

The first question I have now is although the SN754410 is pin compatible with L239D, can I just mount two on top of each other and get 2x1A?

Swedish National Robotics Championships 2011



I thought I'd just inform you of the swedish national championship in robotics. There will be sumo, minisumo and a penthatlon. It will be held at the 9th of april in Gothenburg.

I'm going to participate in the penthatlon with the robot I'm building right now, I haven't posted any pictures of it yet, they'll later today. 

The penthatlon is made up of five parts(duh); maze solving, line following, terrain track, collecting cans and "show off". 

Any fellow LMRers(?) from sweden perhaps would like to meet up and share ideas?