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Anything I tell it to
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This is my first attempt at an RF controlled robot.  So far, the most I've done is stripped the chassis of an old RC car, and I've started on the control panel.  … Read more

Controlling a Picaxe with a Wii Nunchuck

Anyone have any idea how to get a Wii Nunchuck to work with a picaxe?  I've seen webpages like this where they've used an Arduino but I couldn't find anyone using a picaxe.  http://www.windmeadow.com/node/42
This is my second test platform robot.  All parts on it are modular and it is meant to be very flexible and expandable.  Each feature on the robot is going to … Read more
Obstacle avoidance, tag, hide and seek, tug of war, and line following
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 This is a robot that I am working on for my robotics class at school.  At the end of the quarter, it will have to do hide and seek, tag, line … Read more
Tracks the sun and moves a solar panel
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This is a solar tracker that I'm working on.  It's a stationary robot that will keep a pair of solar panels perpendicular with the sun so that they can charge … Read more
Shows you what kinds of things to consider when picking a battery for your robot

Solarbotics motor question

My robot is going to compete in a competition that will require it to compete in different competitions.  For one competition, it has to be very efficient, and basically keep following a black line longer than everyone else.  Another competition that it has to compete in is a tug of war.  The rule is, it cannot change its hardware in between competitions.  Naturally, for the endurance competition, you want to hook up a smaller voltage to the motor.  But I was thinking of using the following circuit in order to give the motor more voltage for the tug of war competition:

Picaxe 40X1 Pulsin and Pulsout

Hello.  Anyone know how to use a pin on port C, say...c7 (leg 26) in order to get a pulsin or pulsout for the 40X1 picaxe?  I know the syntax just to turn the pin high or low, but I don't know how to reference the pin when I use the pulsin command, for example what would go in the "pin" part of the PULSIN command:


PULSIN pin,  state, wordvariable


Thanks in advance for any help you can give =)