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wavefront algorithm on lego mindstorm nxt 2.0

can you help me with my problem using wavefront algorithm on a lego mindstorm. if you have a working code, can you lend me some. i really appreciate it if you do.

Wavefront Algorithm On Lego Mindstorm Nxt 2.0

hello guys... have a pleasant day to you all... i have a problem on inplementing a a wavefront algoritm to the lego nxt... after i downloaded the program in the nxt, the screen tells that it is a "file error" before that, i have written and compile the program in the nxc and it has no problem. I am in the Philippines and im using the wavefront algorithm for my thesis. I would really appreciate it guys if you can help me with this and a imuch appreciate it if you will lend me some of your working codes for the lego mindstorm...

Thank you guys... God Bless