Let's Make Robots!
OrionBot here with a review of the mBot! The first video here includes and introduction, the unpacking of all the components and the assembly the mBot. Here are … Read more
A couple functions:1) Remote Control 2) Autonomous avoidance 3) Autonomous object retrieval (hopefully)
Using a
This is my Service Droid. Meet VADER,  the Very Advanced Droid Exploration Robot. Ok, I admit it, the name is a stretch but it was fun to come up with.  Everyone … Read more

Issue with IR Reciever Module Talking to Spider Controller

Probably a question for OddBot specifically, but maybe someone else could benefit someday from the answer.

This is part of my slow-rolling work on my Service Droid, VADER. 

VADER Spider Controller Arduino Upload Issues

So it's been a while since I last got a chance to work on VADER (see http://letsmakerobots.com/node/39884) , but I recently was able to dust him off and finish up the wiring. VADER is a Service Droid mounted on a Rover 5 Base with a 4 channel motor controller and a Spider Controller.

LIDAR Lite Development

Sparkfun had a link to an interesting article about supporting the development of LIDAR-Lite:  http://www.dragoninnovation.com/projects/32-lidar-lite-by-pulsedlight

Rather pricey but if it can provide better scanning capability over the ultrasonic sensors it might be fun to use. Any one heard about this?

 3/14/14 Pi Day Update

Making Your Own Jumpers

I recently wired up my Vader Service Droid, but I'm not happy with the resulting rats nest of jumper wires. The mess is partially due to the pre-fabed jumper wires. I'm stuck with jumpers that are tool long in a lot of cases and too short in others.  I managed to cluge it all together using some header pins and with solid wire, but the result feels...less than optimum.

Has anyone had success in building their own F-F and M-F jumpers to custom lengths? 

LMR Wiki Content

Hello LMRians,

Had an email conversation with Frits, THE LMR Webmaster, and he gave me the scoop on a soon (days not weeks) to be added Wiki to the LMR site. If you aren't familiar with a Wiki, look it up on the mother of all wikis, Wikipedia.org.

The LMR wiki will be the Go-To place for articles on all the various aspects of making robots and possibly articles (not reviews) about the various robot kits on the market.

In anticipation of the new wiki I thought it would be a great idea to:

Vader Vibes

Starting this blog as a place for me to throw down my thoughts about options for my Service Droid, VADER:


At times where I'm anxious to work on Vader but can't, atleast I can blog about it!  Right now is a good example: my 2 month old daughter is asleep in my arms. I may be having to type with one hand but the progress feels good!

First off, I'm considering a tweak to the acronym."Very Advanced" is a little over the top. Maybe "Virtually Advanced" or "Very Amateur".

Moves around and avoids obsacles (novel idea, I know)
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