Let's Make Robots!
OrionBot here with a review of the mBot! The first video here includes and introduction, the unpacking of all the components and the assembly the mBot. Here are … Read more
A couple functions:1) Remote Control 2) Autonomous avoidance 3) Autonomous object retrieval (hopefully)
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This is my Service Droid. Meet VADER,  the Very Advanced Droid Exploration Robot. Ok, I admit it, the name is a stretch but it was fun to come up with.  Everyone … Read more
Moves around and avoids obsacles (novel idea, I know)
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Some time ago my two boy (ages 10 and 9) really wanted to build a robot. I obliged but I wanted them to learn a lot of basics along the way. I also didn't want to … Read more
After having to tend to other family projects for a few weeks I finally had time to test my Doodlebot. Calling him "Little Guy" for now. He worked fairly well over … Read more
Object Avoidance, Video Transmission
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This has been long time coming because I have so little time to work on this hobby, but here it is. Not very elegant, but it's been a fun learning experience. I … Read more
Like so many other posts, I'll start this one off with the worn out statement: This is my first robot. I have some past programming experience in a few languages … Read more