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Great quick reference tool for LEDs!

This little sliding tool may soon have a spot on my wallet right next to my CAT5 wiring guide card. I can do lots of electronics stuff, but figuring resistance for LEDs always makes my brain work too much.


Has anyone tried the X2 chips yet?

I just ordered a couple 28X2 chips for my porch gardening project, and the changes they listed in the info was sort of confusing.

I'm just wondering if any of you guys out there have tried them yet, and have any comments/gripes/tips/tricks about the newer chips.

I really wanted to try out the 28X2 module they made to compete with the Basic stamp, but I'm poor.


Fun books for Backyard Shenanigans

Not really robot related, but sometimes I get so frustrated with work I need to blow off some steam. Enter Backyard Ballistics, a great book that teaches you how to make spudguns, mini-catapults, and smallest of all, matchstick rockets.

This, and a few more books are written by William Gurstell, the man who had a website called backyard-ballistics.com, that sparked my brain into more research into amateury-ness.

Half Life Full Life Consequences: Free Man

I can't handle the stupid alone, so I decided to share.
Finally started on building Mortimer after ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the pretty new parts. I'm hoping to get the soldering on his board done this next week, and … Read more

Electronics can.... "lubricate" the mind.

I've been working at my new job for two weeks and all is going great, until I start making some power cables that have a gasket I just can't get around the diameter of the cable. I don't have strong manly arms, just puny girly arms. I was trying to think of what would work best. All I had around was dishsoap; wasn't able to use that because it's slightly conductive.

I decided it would be best (and cheap) to just get some mineral oil. Non-conductive and a great lubricant!


Hi, I'm still here!

I bet you're all wondering, "hey, why isn't Zanth around posting bots anymore?"

Well, truth be told, I haven't touched my projects since graduation. Searching madly for a job has taken precedence over everything else. Now that I have a job (!) I decided it would be great to get back into things.

Video editing issues

So a lot of people want to use the lmr watermark on their videos, but how do we do it?

Please comment what programs you use to edit your videos, and I will use my connections toget information on each one. Maybe we can get a little FAQ going on this guys!

A strange request...

UPDATE! (3/6/09)

I know it's been a while, but I was browsing on Deviantart, and found a picture I absolutely loved. I emailed the person that sketched it and asked if I could use it. She was overjoyed someone wanted to, and now I have the start of my "mascot"!

Her name is Gypsy, and she's a Transformed Lamborgini. So sexy....


Now to find someone with Photochopping skills to add some color/style, and maybe finish the "feet"...


I think there is something that Rik isn't telling us...

Do you secretly have long hair and like to wail on keyboards???

I wish I found this when you posted the previous "pulse"