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Hi, I'm still here!

I bet you're all wondering, "hey, why isn't Zanth around posting bots anymore?"

Well, truth be told, I haven't touched my projects since graduation. Searching madly for a job has taken precedence over everything else. Now that I have a job (!) I decided it would be great to get back into things.

Non-robotic electrical installation

Just thought I'd share what is helping to fund my evil tea making robots. Other electrical projects!

My mother owns a beauty salon that pretty much does everything: hair, waxing, massage, and tanning. The gross part is that when in a hair salon, hair gets EVERYWHERE. Sure, people sweep it up, but the act of tossing it into a trash can and taking that can out throws hair all over the place. It then gets tracked all over the place, even into the ajacent section that has tanning beds gets covered in it. Blechhhh...

Seattle Robotics Society Meeting

Because I'm lazy, no pictures will be displayed. I have them all on my Facebook page, you can view them here.

Anyone else out there that hasn't registered yet that is in the Seattle area, or is close enough to drive the few hours to get there REALLY should go to the monthly Seattle Robotics Meetings.

One: FREE STUFF!!! One guy that comes to the meetings writes "Then and Now" in Servo mag. He brings leftover SERVO and Nuts and Volts mags that didn't sell sometimes.

Alright, I think I've figured out the "skate-o-meter"

so from discussion on this node, I was able to come up with ideas, thanks guys!


I don't have an image to describe what I want to do with the sensor on my skates because A: I suck at drawing, and B: I suck at drawing on my computer.

At first I wasn't too concerned about having an "exact" distance traveled, just some number that if I saw it go higher with each skate session, that would make me happy, but of course you guys got my brain juice goin'.

Brainstorming a new wall racer.

I'm not "officially" starting on a new bot (my husband would kill me), but Radioshack had these RC cars with hoods that popped up to show the innards for only $10, and remembering Frits' Robot Wall Racers, the temptation was too great.

I'm going to start with the RWR design, and then add more. I'm keeping this list here so that I don't forget!

Taking a small break to give thanks.

Things are being put on hold for family and friends this week, being Turkey day for us in the states, and I've been thinking about what I'm thankful for.

I know i haven't been around here long, but I am GREATLY thankful for you guys here. For Frits making the yellow drum machine and encouraging other's to try it, which first got me interested, Rik for the distractions and adding more crazyness to my final project, and everyone else out there that gave me encouragement and wild ideas.

Happiness is...

A fresh catalog shipped from Digi-Key.


Pardon me if I don't post around here for a while. I'll be busy with the precious. 

And one more lesson for you children...

Save your final paper in many places, that way you don't accidentially delete something and have to rewrite the ENTIRE paper in 2 hours using a finger with a hole in it.

*falls over dead* 


Documentation - redundancy redundancy redundancy! 

careful with tools, kids.

So I guess this is as good as time as any to post my first blog post.


A warning on the dangers of robotery.

Don't get so into your work that you forget about safety.

I was shaving off some plastic from a wheel to use it as a homemade pulley for moving a motor for Mr. Tea, when the exacto knife slipped and sliced into my finger.

I didn't think it was too bad until blood came gushing out, turning my sink a lovely shade.

My husband was yelling at me to not move my finger while I flexed it, checking to make sure I didn't sever any tendons.