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BoB Jr. (Updated)

Starting a BoB project after seeing Deshipu's μBoB.

Walk around and talk with his 5-bit mouth
Ahh... where to begin... First off I have to say thanks to Deshipu for making μBoB. Your tiny rendition of BoB inspired me to build this project. Thank you. Also … Read more
Shoots BB's and pellets
Well, first off I have to say I'm not much of a gun nut. In fact this is the 2nd gun I have ever owned and the only one currently. It all started innocently when … Read more

Memristors for sale

Memristors for sale... =D


Per the BEAM yahoo group (where I learnt of this news) here is an email reply to price inquiry:


"Hello Richard,

Controls a 3D printer by touchscreen
Edit @ 4/9/15: Added a short video.     Read more

Pixel Versions of the LMR LogoBot

A while back I drew up a 32x32 px version of the LogoBot, but I don't have a 32x32 LED matrix to display it on. I do have a 16x24 matrix that is collecting dust though. I decided I'd try and make a 16x16 px version... here are the results. You cannot upload .bmp files to LMR so if you intend to use these you will need to convert / save as .bmp format. If you end up using one of these and take a photo, could you post it here? I'd love to see this on some different displays.

Looking for RoboVoice IC

I have been looking for a RoboVoice text to speech IC and it seems they don't sell them anymore.

I'm posting here to see if anyone has an extra one on hand that they are willing to part with? I'm willing to pay or barter for it.

What does this circuit do?

Found this today... I'm trying to figure out what it does. Any guesses?

Support PopPet


Looks like dx, banggood and tindie all pulled this from their 'shelves'. Banggood wants to know who can supply PopPet. I'm passing them CP's way.

I'm scrubbing this post to avoid giving anyone bad names at this point. Thanks everyone.

Hello Guys & Gals,

I am posting this so that fellow LMR members know what is going on, and send an E-mail to ____ in support of PopPet.