Let's Make Robots!

Chopstick Junior's last minutes


This is the sad story about the end of the lovely Chopstick Junior. His life ended much to early. I will miss him and his funny moves especially when he lighted up my way in the darkness.


But everything has an end....this came sudden and it was my fault. The only thing I can do is to keep him in my mind and heart, only this keeps his spirit alive.


ALF got retired

So, ALF or better the prototype board ALF got retired. And as in each case of going into retirement we just threw him a party he will never forget. 

Today ALF got the star in our photo shooting. See what hard job he had to do...and that in his age...anyway, he performed good, professional and very gentleman.

First thing was to find the black line...perfect done, ALF is lined up.

Hacker and Lovers

Ok, there is not much new from my side in terms of robots but I did another photo shooting. Today, of course, with the topic "Valentines Day" (I hope you guys did not forget this)

Here is the first picture related to hackers (my special greetings to MarkusB :-) )

And the one for the Valentines Day comes now:

Hugo, our man

Hugo, this is a thank you blog for your work.

I believe that your work will be honored when LMR v4 is done. Then we can see what kept you out of your bed. Not all people can see what work has to be done to get a website up and running, especially a website with such a huge ammount of data.

How I can identify a robot using an unique ID?

For the Swarm Robot Project I need a unique ID to identify each single robot and also let the robot only execute program parts which are assigned to it's ID.

Why I wanna do that?

I started an new robot project which will be a long time project. The base is the 4WD chassies with 4 gear motors. The first stage is to attach the Dagu IR compound … Read more

Kinect is future?

Control your computer with gestures. 

Right now the technology for consumer PC's is already advanced and touchscreens, touchpads are sensitive for gestures.

But what's even without physical contact? The Microsoft Kinect is a good way to try these different approaches.

3D printing with sand

Cool video about 3D printing with sand.

Hi, I am ALF, short for Analog Line Follower. I am not an alien, i do not eat cats and i am pretty much earth based, more precise silicon based ;-) Ok, this was the … Read more

Swarm Robots - Brainstorming (Football robots)

This will be a note for my just started team project "Swarm Robots".

This project will take place in our hackerspace Shanghai "Xinchejian". it will be a team project where every member can join and contribute his/her skills, ideas etc.

In this blog I will ask questions and write down solutions, ideas, goals and everything else what is related to that project.

So far that's the initial idea: