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Arduino stops uploading


Can anyone verify for me, that trying to upload a program to Arduino MEGA or maybe any Arduino, the upload stops if the code contains a constant string including !!! ?

like this small one will fail:

// Upload will never end
void setup() {
  String A = "!!!";

void loop() {


this one will finish:

// Upload will finish
void setup() {
String A = "aaa";

void loop() {


How to read a saw curve signal, with an analog input

From a couple of Sony plasma screens, that I have had my hand on, I got these "SONY 1-680-078-11".

I thourght they where temperature sensors, since they where placed spread around on the inside, like to measure diffenrent parts of the system.

I have figured out how to hook them up to some power and I get this saw curved signal, that I can alter by applying heat to the transistor.

This is how it looks in my oscilloscope.

DS203 screen shot

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