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This is Version 2 of my Robot Iptuped. Name Iptuped Version2 is the name of my robot. It comes from a popular comericial in which the actor says" I Pick things up … Read more
Pick things up...and put them down(eventually)
Using a
Simple Robotic arm still working on claw/gripper/hand. Any suggestions on a control method would be aprrectiated. I was thinking remote control however would cost … Read more

Multiple JoySTick/Potentionmeter Problem

So, i have a robotic arm project that i am working on. I decided to use a joystick from a playstation 2 controller to control it. I extracted the joystick and wired up the potentiometer. When i use 1 potentiometer(to turn the base left and right) it works 100% correctly. However, when i try to add a second potentiometer/ joystick it doesnt work right. The second joystick will control the base not the shoulder that i want it to control. The code i use is below. I am using the picaxe 28x1 board.


Symbol less = 100
Symbol more = 150

Robotic Arm Control

I have built a robotic arm. You can see it in the robot section. It is called IPTUPED.

Now that it is built i can only prgram it to pick up something that is in the same time. I need a new control method.

Due to the fact that i am pretty new to this i need some ideas. Basically i am asking you guys if you can help me find a good method. I have seen wii and arduino, nd rc. I need a good tutorial online somewhere that can help me control it. So far i have only been able to find a method that can control 2 servos. I am using 4 and maybe 5 in the future. Thanks for any help.

Navigate Around via Sharp IR
Using a
This is my first robot. I have build it completely. I have finished Programming and my Robot is complete. It can drive around without hitting stuff. Yay. Thanks for … Read more

28 Pin Project Board Bluetooth upgrade????

I am interested in upgrading my robot to bluetooth. I used the board from the start here section on the website. I was just wondering if any one has upgraded to bluetooth with this board or if its even possibles. I have seen other setups but im not sure what i should buy or how to set it up.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks

I cant get my Board connected with my computer.

I just got the kit in the mail today and after putting together my robot i cant get it connected to the computer. I am having difficulty understanding if i need to download something else. I have downloaded the Free Picaxe Programming Editor but when i connect the USB it says no driver was installed. I read some of the website and i cant figure out how to install the driver.