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Error-hardware not found?

Hey LMR,

this is probably some silly thing i missed but i kinda need the answer fairly quick so, uuhh...ya

I'm getting close to finishing my start here robot and i need to get the servo to centre position... (I'm using the usb cord and windows vista basic). I downloaded the picaxe programming editor and the drivers for the usb cord and the cord is showing up when i go to options> serial port>com 4. But when i plug in my picaxe 28x1 to the usb and press check firmware this shows up: 

Hardware not found on com 4:

Possible causes:

Which servo is better?

Hey LMR, right now the LMR start here kit is on backorder, and solarbotics is giving to different servo options, the FP-S148 Servo, and the Economy Servo (Modified). Is one better than the other? Or are they both pretty much the same? Thanks =)