Let's Make Robots!
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Like an alpha version of Samantha from the movie "Her" who will obey your every command or just annoy you.
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Navigational aid (programming)

Guys I need my tank bot to navigate around my house like bedroom to kitchen but without a camera or a GPS like system.

I plan to do it using simple pre programmed paths, like go front for 10 secs, turn right about 45 degrees go forward again.

But I think this idea will lack precision.

Kindly give me some suggestions people!


Thanks in advance!

Audio - Process - Audio??

Guys I want to make a robot that can talk but before that I want to know how can voice be converted to text and then processed by some programming language and then the output is in the form is also audio?

For example if I say "5 + 2 = " I want a response "seven" (in audio)

I hope you guys understood what I wanted to tell.

Kindly help me with this, I will surely be grateful

control commands on Arduino via a RC
Using a
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RC receiver to Arduino UNO?

I had just dissassembled my RC car, and I found this:

I just know which goes to the GND and 5V of the arduino but no idea which goes to the signal.

I wanted to make a RC controlled arduino bot.

Hope you can help

Please ask me if you want more pics or info regarding the same.


Standard ultrasound sensor connection to a Red Back Spider robot controller
Using a
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Navigates around slightly handicapped because it cant turn its neck
Using a
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