Let's Make Robots!

I'm batman!

OK... this man has (too much)time, (too much)money and an awesome amount of fantasy.
I just had to share this with you all:


 365bhp, 0 to 100 km/ph in under 4 secs and a topspeed of around 300 km/ph. How sick is this?

Navigate around with ultrasound
Using a
Updated my story, since it was all a bit long and (to most people, probably) boring. Read more

Ordering is half the fun, waiting is half the frustration!

Finally got to order stuff for my first robot.

- 4WD mobile platform from DFrobots
- 2A motor shield for Arduino
- URM37 ultrasonic sensor

Can't wait for the package to arrive at my doorstep, so I can get the toolbox out and start tinkering around :)

A forced change of plans

A couple of months ago I started talking here about building a hexapod. I had it all planned out, made drawings, chose materials, hardware, electronics, made myself a shopping list and was good to go.

The rookie robot builder wannabe has drawings and a parts list!

Second blog on my first build, with some final things.
Well, final, is a drawing ever final until you've actually cut the parts and fixed them together?

Guess not, but we'll see about that later.

What thickness of acrylic to use?

(hopefully this is the right place to post this)

So, I'm in the planning stage of my first project, and I got everything pretty much narrowed down to what I want to use.

The only question that remains for now is:

I want to build my hexapod from acrylic plates, and now I am wondering what thickness to use.
It's pretty tough stuff but still light, I don't want it to be too thin so things will start bending, but I don't want to go overboard and use real thick stuff, so it will be a fat bot.

The first brainwaves of a rookie robot builder wannabee

So, let me start by saying that I really like LMR already.
For a couple of months now I've been wanting to start playing with robotics, micro controllers and pick up electronics again.
I did some electronics back in school and as a hobby but I didn't have time.

So, a while back I bought an Arduino Uno to start playing with uC's and electronics, drove my girlfriend mad with talks and showing designs I made, which where all not feasible or would be way too expensive to even think about.

Now you will probably think, stop rambling and start talking robots! And I will!