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Autonomous navigation of indoor environment.
Using a
Loki Bot is my first design since completing the Start Here Robot. In many ways he is just a scaled up version but there are some differences as well. He's a … Read more

DARPA's Pet-Proto walking robot navigates obstacles

In this new video released by DARPA, the Pet-Proto autonomously navigates a similated urban disaster environment. It can step up onto ledges, jump off landing on two feet, decide how to cross an open gap in the floor and fairly quickly scale stairs. Impressive.


Kondo Robot releases a hexapod robot kit

Kondo Robot released their new Hexapod robot kit. Thought people would find it interesting. Here's the article I just came across.



Macintosh MacAXEpad Bug - "Hardware Not Found" when Programming Chip - how to fix

I just completed the basic construction of my Start Here robot and thought I would share something that drove me nuts. I searched and searched on this forum and couldn't find the answer to my problem. I found a solution burried on the Picaxe forum.

I was having the strangest problem. I could write out a simple little code and have the computer send it to the robot but when I tried to do more complex programs it would tell me that the hardware cannot be found.

Awesome flying robot gull

Check this out.



SVI-2000 Robotarm Control with Picaxe

This my first blog post about a project to add a PICAXE microcontroller to a Quick Shot SVI-2000 Robot arm.


How to use microcontroller to stand in for joystick

I wasn't sure if I should post this in another forum or not. I consider it a beginners question having to do with electronics but I need to give some back story.

How expandable is the Picaxe-25?

Hello All.

I'm looking to build the "Start here" robot so I can learn some basics but I want to know how expandable the Picaxe-25 project board is. I would eventually like a robot with more than two motors but it looks like the L293D motor driver can only handle two motors at a time. Is there a way to use the Picaxe-25 project board to drive more than two motors? Are there other chips that will fit on the Picaxe-25 besides the L293D that will drive more motors?

I'm trying to see if this board will be able to grow along with my ideas/skills or not.