Let's Make Robots!
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Cheap Junk

Hello, I'm a college student from the US. We have a local resale store called "Goodwill". You can buy RC toys (and other stuff) by the pound. The cost is like $0.70 cents per pound (+/- a pennie or two) The store has 100's of bins and they dump donated stuff in them. Then you walk around and dig for your treasure. I have purchased a few RC trucks and a tank for less than $1 USD each. So keep this in mind where you live as there might be a place like this in your town for you to scrounge cheap robot fodder.


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Making Halloween Decorations

Making Halloween Decorations!


I always wanted to make a robot arm so I bought a Halloween werewolf severed arm to make into a art bot robot arm.

I then chopped it up so that I can actuate the rubber parts.


Here's the servo's hot glued in on some foam board.


Its a stop light
I wanted to build something different and found this stop light kit online. Yeah I know I could have made the same thing easier with an Arduino. But I find it … Read more

Close Out AT168 controllers

Hey guys I found these on close out If you have an ISP they are Arduino compatible. $10 USD each.

(no I don't work there) I just think its a great price.

Vex Electronics

This is just a tip (which I learned today through others on this site, thanks guys)

All Vex electronics are self regulated.

Which means that even though they say you must use their battery's, you can run any battery between 6v and 12v without drama.


For example, I'm running a 12v nimh 5000 pack on my robot with a regular Molex/Tamiya connector.



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