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Mounting Wheels to Servos

In an attempt to answer a question about using wheels with CR servos, I'm moving the following post from the Mr. General thread.

Im sorry for my english. It's very poor. I used google translator to translate some sentences:(

Anyway, I ask about servos, because i want to use one of this wheels to make robot based on this project:

Frying Up Some Pi

Ugh! Someone I was trying to help with a cheap L298N h-bridge pointed me to this video from TheRaspberryPiGuy.

At 10:41 of the video he plugs the 5V line into his RPi's I/O pin.

Waiting for a Pixy and Thinking of Challenge

I don't know how many of you ordered a Pixy from their Kickstarter, but I've seen the camera mentioned several times on LMR.

I was thinking of issuing a challenge to see who comes up with the first Pixy aided robot but I think such a challenge needs to be better defined.

What would be a good challenge? Line following with Pixy as the only sensor?

Propeller QuickStart Boards on Sale at RadioShack

Apparently RadioShack is putting their QuickStart boards on sale for $19.97. The normal price is $35 (possibly more at RS).

I know I'll be checking my local stores for boards (though I don't recall ever seeing a QS locally).

In case you haven't heard, the Propeller is a great microcontoller to use with robotics.

What Causes Multiple Posts?

It sure seems like there are lots of multiple posts on LMR. I think it's happened to me but not very often.

Is it caused by someone hitting the "Submit" button more than once? Or is it just a glitch in the LMR software?

I'll experiment with the multiple button press theory in a reply below.

Info About Propeller Proto Board USB

Parallax used to sell a USB version of their Propeller Proto Board.

I had a few extra of the USB Propeller Proto Boards which I gave to a couple of LMRians. I wanted to explain some of the quirks these boards have. I thought other LMRian might also find the information useful.

Controlling a 16 x 1 Character LCD with a Propeller

I have some 16x1 LCDs I was hoping to control with a Propeller. I know there are several other LMRians with these LCDs who also have Propellers. I thought I'd share what I've learned in my attempt to control the LCD with the Propeller.

I found the datasheet here. As someone in the Shout Box noticed it treats the character starting in column 9 differently than the previous eight characters.

Netiquette, Asking For Code

I've seen a few posts suggesting asking for code is bad form.

I'm inclined to agree but I'm not completely sure. I think many of us don't always post code because it's not nice and tidy. I know I haven't posted code for this reason. There are plenty of times it wouldn't bother me if I were to be asked for code I hadn't posted.

In general, if someone asks me for code, I post it.

Is an Arduino Capable of Reading All Four Rover 5 Quadrature Encoders?

Note: Sorry this post is so long. I used bold text to indicate the main point of the post.

I didn't want to hijack Oddbot's Rover 5 threadso I'm starting this one here in the forum.

In replying to odong's question about the quadrature encoders I stated (among other things):

Gluing/Melting the Plastic on the Dagu Rover 5

Do any of you know what kind of plastic is used to make the Rover 5?

It doesn't have the "feel" of ABS. My guess is it's polystyrene.