Let's Make Robots!

R2 Like (Phase 1 Video Added)

I went ahead and added a video of this little start here's robots performance. Now I just have to find some time to tweak him. I think these should be my adjustments.

  • Modify code so that he scans his entire width of his body for obstacles.
  • Fix the third leg on the bottom so that he is more level and not looking upward.
  • Add LED turn signals.
  • Add a light sensor to the bottom front so I that he can be placed on a desk or counter and know when he hits the edge.
  • Add a speaker/buzzer/ect just for fun.
Navigates around mindlessly very slow avoiding large obstacles
Using a
Well here is my start here bot. I want to do more with it eventually but I am moving on to the Aduino platform for my next bot that I need to design. The start here … Read more