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Using Pololu's #2130 to control two motors

I'm going to be making a simple 2 wheel robot that can avoid obstacles using a Ping sensor. I will be using an arduino uno, a breadboard, the motor driver, and two dc motors with wheels. I found Pololu's #2130 after someone recommended it. It can control two motors and it connects to a breadboard. How would I program this like I program an Arduino.

Arduino nano setup

I was wondering if I could hook up an arduino nano to a micro breadboard. 3 servos and a Ping sensor would be connected via jumper wires to the breadboard. Can this be done? How though? Thanks!

Can the Arduino UNO board be used in a kit?

If I were to make robot kits that would be sold online, can I use the Arduino UNO board as the robot's brain? Can the board be resold in a kit? Thanks!

Parts for products?

I plan on making various robotics kits for beginners. My first kit will include parts for a beam robot, is it ok if I buy parts online from ebay or other sites and resell them as a kit with instructions?

SimpleBotics - Robotics news, info, and tutorials

I'm assuming you clicked on this forum topic because you're interested in either robotics news or you're just bored. Anyways, I run a webstie called SimpleBotics. Everyday, I write about robotics news and robots that have recently been developed by hobbyists, univerisities, or corporations. Any other occassion includes a new tutorial or just random robotics info. However. my site is mainly targteted towards robotics news. Thanks for reading, and my site is at http://www.simplebotics.blogspot.com .

move its arms and head
Using a
This is a brand new project. It's a step up form my Arduino Torso robot. It will have a sensor and more servos later on. Arduino sketch programs are greatly … Read more

Kinect and an Arduino UNO

Is there any way I can get a kinect (xbox 360) sensor to act as my robots "eyes" with the arduino UNO. For example, where I move my hands, the arm follows. Thanks ;)

PWM through finger!

I can control a servo with my hands!

Arduino Motor Shield Help!!!

I just got my first Arduino motor shield. However, all the servo ports have 4 pins. The problem is that my servos only have 3 pins. Any help is greatly appreciated! By the way, my shield is an Arduino Motor shield from Seeed.

This is my latest robot, and it can fold shirts. Its made from a vex kit and it has 3 servos. Enjoy the video! Read more