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Using Pololu's #2130 to control two motors

I'm going to be making a simple 2 wheel robot that can avoid obstacles using a Ping sensor. I will be using an arduino uno, a breadboard, the motor driver, and two dc motors with wheels. I found Pololu's #2130 after someone recommended it. It can control two motors and it connects to a breadboard. How would I program this like I program an Arduino.

Arduino nano setup

I was wondering if I could hook up an arduino nano to a micro breadboard. 3 servos and a Ping sensor would be connected via jumper wires to the breadboard. Can this be done? How though? Thanks!

Can the Arduino UNO board be used in a kit?

If I were to make robot kits that would be sold online, can I use the Arduino UNO board as the robot's brain? Can the board be resold in a kit? Thanks!

Parts for products?

I plan on making various robotics kits for beginners. My first kit will include parts for a beam robot, is it ok if I buy parts online from ebay or other sites and resell them as a kit with instructions?

SimpleBotics - Robotics news, info, and tutorials

I'm assuming you clicked on this forum topic because you're interested in either robotics news or you're just bored. Anyways, I run a webstie called SimpleBotics. Everyday, I write about robotics news and robots that have recently been developed by hobbyists, univerisities, or corporations. Any other occassion includes a new tutorial or just random robotics info. However. my site is mainly targteted towards robotics news. Thanks for reading, and my site is at http://www.simplebotics.blogspot.com .

Kinect and an Arduino UNO

Is there any way I can get a kinect (xbox 360) sensor to act as my robots "eyes" with the arduino UNO. For example, where I move my hands, the arm follows. Thanks ;)

PWM through finger!

I can control a servo with my hands!

Arduino Motor Shield Help!!!

I just got my first Arduino motor shield. However, all the servo ports have 4 pins. The problem is that my servos only have 3 pins. Any help is greatly appreciated! By the way, my shield is an Arduino Motor shield from Seeed.

Arduino servo shield

Is there any shield out there that lets me plug in a servo without running three wires to the ground, power supply, and the pin?

gear box for synapse

synapse will be walking soon, all i need is a nother gear box, and ta da :) !