Let's Make Robots!

Arduino servo shield

Is there any shield out there that lets me plug in a servo without running three wires to the ground, power supply, and the pin?

gear box for synapse

synapse will be walking soon, all i need is a nother gear box, and ta da :) !

Project synapse

Yet again I have failed to create a decent arduino robot, so I'm just going to heavily work on synapse to the best of my ability. I want this bot to have eye brows controlled via solar engine, a mouth hooked up to a 555 ic, LED eyes via photo cells, arms with spdt switches, a buzzer for sound via solar engine, and hair on his head via spdt switches (if touched mouth will move) . Yes I know it's a big leap from my stupid bristlebot "robots." So if I complete this then I'll just redeem myself for this year.

making an analog robot

I have been inspired to make an analog neural network robot after seeing phoenix. My robot is called synapse and it will react to its environment. It is nocturnal and it has touch sensor arms and only is active at night. I will update you a soon as i can.

Beam photovore

I checked all the connections but it still can't get the left motor to move.

Robot contest

I'm not trying to spam but I found a robot contest online at a robotics blog. The contest is based of recycled robots micro controllers are allowed. Here's the link, http://salviusrobot.blogspot.com/p/2012-online-robotics-competition.html?m=1 .

Beam photovore problem

Ok so I made this beam photovore robot using an online tutorial (google: rays beam robots) and after I completed it only one motor moves. Watch my video below.
This robot is my version of keepon. It users two servos and an arduino uno to dance. I hope you enjoy and like the video. Read more