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Beam photovore problem

Ok so I made this beam photovore robot using an online tutorial (google: rays beam robots) and after I completed it only one motor moves. Watch my video below.

Robot guest post on my site

Hello LMRians if you have not heard of my site SimpleBotics than that's ok. I not trying to spam but if you have a robot and would like to write about it then you can write a guest post on my site. Here is the submit a post link, http://simplebotics.blogspot.com/search/label/submit .
This robot is my version of keepon. It users two servos and an arduino uno to dance. I hope you enjoy and like the video. Read more

New rating system for robots (for the admins)

I was wondering if you guys could add a rating system called "reactions"the users could input reactions like "awesome" reuse recyle" "creative" "advanced" and it would have no discouraging words.

Arduino UNO servo control number

i know this is a dumb question but how many servos can an arduino uno control, iv only tried up to three.

move forward and sense walls with it's antennas
This robot uses two SPDT (single pull, double throw) switches, antennas, motors, and a battery pack. The antennas are connected to the switches, and so when the … Read more
This robot is a free formed robot that I made, its like my symet but better. It uses a simple analog circuit that stores up electricity until there's enough to make … Read more
This robot uses a beam styled solar engine. It stores up electricity in the three capacitors until it has enough to twitch and move. Hope you like it. Read more
walk forward
Using a
This walker robot uses two HS-55 servos to walk and it runs on an arduino uno. It also has no sensors. Hope you enjoy! Read more