Let's Make Robots!

RIP Lumni!

Lutz, LMR name: Lumni is ..dead!

Lumni was LMR member for 4 years and 15 weeks..

Why are robot builders the coolest and friendliest nerds?

When ever I have had the chance to meet up IRL / AFK with LMRians, it's always like meeting _really_ good friends.

Why is that?

Can you make a logo for LMR 3D Print Club?

A 3D print Club needs a logo. and yes, of course it needs to be downloadable, so it can be printed out ;)

There is no prize other than fame and glory - but it would be a great help if you could make a nice and cool 3D printable logo, and link to it / share it in the comments below.

Thank you very much :)

More info about LMR 3D Print Club ->

LMRv4 Milestones

Hi guys, I am happy to announce that we are moving slowly, but yet so speedy, that we can present you with ..

LMRv4 Milestones

Enjoy, and thanks for the patience and understanding :)

Campus Party Berlin 2012 - this was the post we used for much of our communication. Thanks for fish.

Campus Berlin 2012 - A handful LMR members with possibly 10,000 other nerds in an abondoned airport

We have a challenge due to the way Google hangouts etc is working, and because people come with phones roaming etc etc - but this forum post is where we can throw in everything :) Low tech meets high tech.

And if you are not in Berlin, feel free to give us a shout :)

YourDuino and LMR no longer connected

Hi Guys,

As you may know, a couple of months ago, LMR and Terry's shop (Yourduino.com) partnered up. It was I (Frits) who took the initiative, because I figured:

Terry had a "young" shop, with all options open, and we have a large base of buyers and a heavy Google rank (And a lot of options, like our facebook page, Google+ page, and all of you, who are doing a lot here there and everywhere..)

LMR back on tracks

LMR was featured on national radio in Denmark, and our server could not handle the extra stress this caused, so pages started to look strange. If your pages still looks strange, please refresh, and it should be alright - we have upgraded the HW. Sorry and thanks.