Let's Make Robots!

"Special page"

I am playing around with this page:



It is a playground - feel free to try to add things etc. I think we can make a specail special-page - something that is fun to browse now and then for everyone.. 

Longer shoutbox?

I have tried - also for fun & the sake of it - to make the shout-box longer than the usual 7 shouts.

It was (is today) fun.. However - it makes people start using it instead of the forums and comments, unfortunatly leaving the site blank for people who missed the shout / the later visitors (and ourselves) - So I will make it short again after some 24 hours of "extreme shouting-day".


First thing to do as an admin

I strongly encourage any admin to make a special admin-profile, used only to do admin-tasks. And keep using the normal profile for the usual user-postings.

(Actually I demand it) This way we make sure all works well for everybody (that you not by accident make some changes and think everything is cool - only for everybody else, not logged in as admins things are not so cool). Also, you will not have all the extra menus etc.

LMR back on tracks

LMR was featured on national radio in Denmark, and our server could not handle the extra stress this caused, so pages started to look strange. If your pages still looks strange, please refresh, and it should be alright - we have upgraded the HW. Sorry and thanks.