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12vdc 5 Relay Board - WHO want IT!

Hi LMR's

I giving a way 2 of this nice 10 relay boards. Salvaged from working a control system to be discarted.

They are 12 vdc coils drived by 2 ULN2004, also have indicator power led and filter in the OUTs.

The board measures about  3.25 x 4.0 inches.

I hope that 2 of you people can use them.


Update------- They are SPST, one make by relay.


Free BIG Track For BIG Robot!!


 I got this:


This are 10 FT (3.048 m) of Rexnord Table Top Chain, They are plastic on metal chain, model D843K3-1/4.

I tink that this track can be used in a nice and big robot track, if the plastic is sliperry can cover it with anti-skid tape for more traction.

IF someone is interested on this, only have to pay for shipping to your location anywere in this beautiful world !!!

Information of this chain on:

Navigate avoiding ostacles, Line follower mode.
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