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My Teen/YA Science Fiction Books


 New release !!!

Book 5 in the series is now available !

The first FIVE books in my series are available in either PAPERBACK and EBOOK forms at Amazon.com:


Book 1 - SOUL KEEPER  [ Introduction of the main characters. This story is a bit like a Harry Potter story. The main characters consider their powers to be magic.]

For communicating with your robots or your intelligent household devices
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Complete. I am able to extrude plastic pieces as long as I have a 3D drawing of the part.
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Use a microcontroller or a potentiometer to control an AC load. (Motor, high wattage Lamp, etc.)
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This example is just one of many different ways you might give your robot a sense of touch.
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Maybe I should have given this a sub-title, "How to Save 40–50 Quid (give or take) by making your own."
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(How to make your own distance measurements similar to Sharps.)
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