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Problem in programming and working of Start Here robot

hello everyone.

Im really happy and excited to tell that iv completed building my first robot, but at the same time in sad as its not working properly. Actually its behaviour is some what different, Im posting videos with the program i downloaded on microcontroller.

Any help or comment is appreciated!!!

the program goes like this


symbol dangerlevel = 70 

symbol turn = 300 

symbol servo_turn = 700 



readadc 0, b1

if b1 < dangerlevel then

gosub nodanger


using alternative for PIC16f886

can i use PIC16f877A insted of PIC 16f886??

as 886 is not available in the market.

wat difference can be observed in their function and usage???

any comment or suggestion is welcome :)

using PIC16F877A

hello everyone,

im building the obstruction avoider robot using PIC 16f877A.

i have the boot loader into it and the board, but everytime i try to connect it to the comp using MPLAB but it never recognises it.

i connect it though USB UART.

any suggestion or change is welcome...!!!

the board which im using is this-



also if i connect a servo, do i require resistor array??

the comp is not detecting the pic40x1 (urgently need help)

hello everyone,

im doing this basic robot shown here. as i din get 28x1 IC and its equivalent board i decided to make it on 40x1 with the board.

iv done the required connections for motors only using L293D IC and its equivalent board.

i thought of testing ite motos if they are working or not, when i connected the this to my comp it says the the driver is installed but it doesnot detect the micrecontroller. 

the image for this is shown below...

iv got this to show tommorrow can any one plz help me out.

pin config for 40x1 board

pic 40x1 project board iv bought

hey iv bought this project board but im little confused as to where i should connect IR sensor n servo.
can anyone pls tell me pin config for this  board
any help will be appreciated!!! :)

40 pin or 28 pin IC


i have worked and slogged a lot in finding PICAXE-28x1 IC but couldn get any where. whereas i am getting PICAXE-40x1 in the market. i want to know if can i use 40pin IC insted of 28 pin IC?

will my robot work in the same way or not?

how shall i use 40 pin to 28 pin IC?

any help or suggestation is appreciated

line follwing programming anyone???(urgently needed)


im building this robot with a little difference, i want my robot to move along only a black thick line of 3cm.

as im very new to this programming stuff, i want to know wat kind of programming is required using all the same components, that is using sharp IR sensor.

please assist me as soon as possible.

thank you.