Let's Make Robots!
Navigates around and talks
Using a
So this is a robot that I threw together very quickly, so its not that nice. For Christmas, I got the Parallax Emic 2 text-to-speech module and the EasyVR voice … Read more
This is a little mouse robot I made by gutting an old computer mouse. I am still missing some parts but I will getting them soon. I am using L293D motor driver for … Read more
Explores the outdoors
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This is a little mars rover I built. It is in the early stages but I just added a webcam but is useless until I find some software that lets webcams do colour … Read more
Its been a long time that I wanted a dog but I couldn't get one, so I built one instead. This is just a prototype, so it is nothing now, but I'm still looking for a … Read more
Here is biped robot that I built using metal brackets. So far I have been having trouble with the software. As soon as the software works I will add a video of the … Read more
This robot was made by 2 pieces of foam-core stuck together to make the chassis. I used the same circuit board as in Start Here. It isnt that nice. Its only my … Read more