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Use A4988 stepper driver to drive two DC motors instead. Make use of currentlimit to control speed.
EDIT: Some speed control, new code example and video added 21.2.2014 See below " SOME IDEAS" section for more information.     I ordered some well known pololu … Read more

Multiple ultrasonic sensor reading, port manipulation problem [SOLVED]

EDIT: Solved.

Thanks to precious help this is solved. I had indeed "datasheet" that had misledaing information about way HC-SR04 works. I changed the code to measure pulse high time as usually and it works now, nice. I have tested reading two sensors at once and get values to fluctuate only some millimeters. I'll try to add some more sensors and post how it works. Working code attached, sorry it's  in finnish but it is quite clear what it does.


Hello again,

Possibly helps to detect objects, walls and holes.
 Some fancy nice ultrasonic sensors can read multiple echoes of sent ultrasonic wave. Cheap senosrs register the first echo that arrived back. If we could listen … Read more

Wireless Nunchuk picaxe interfacing


EDIT: problem solved


Does anybody have any experiences of connecting wireless nunchuk to picaxe. I am working on this and can't find anybody who has tried it. Many people have succesfully made it with arduino (and many have had problems). I try to modify attached BASIC code according to arduino codes.( different nunchuks need different codes).

Could some of you multitalented arduino/picaxe gurus help me to figure out how to modify the code? Michael Dreher-a pioneer on this hack- has listed the needed steps(http://www.windmeadow.com/node/42):

Picaxe project board inputs/ best way to remove pulldown


Some devices sending input data seem not like pull down resistors. I should make changes to my 20pin and 28pin board settings to connect for example  digital temperature sensor. With outputs i can connect devices straight to picaxe pins. Put i suppose this won't help regarding the inputs, pulldowns can't be "jumped over"?. However there are these holes next to pic on my 20 board.What are those holes for?

So my question is: have you found clever ways to alter board designs to connect devices needing for example pullup resistor instead of pulldown?

How to keep pixace controlled robot from getting stuck?


I have built my first robot after advice of  LMR start here. So my robot is navigating with help of IR sensor and has those standard geared motors.

 I'm wondering if picaxe can read information from motors if the robot gets stuck. I guess motor makes some noise in such a situation?Can pushing against some obstacle with rubberwheels on harm picaxe?

I would be grateful for any piece of advice!