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start a ProgramAB chat bot service in MRL
kwatters made this nice tutorial of the ProgramAB service in MRL. Read more

InMoov tracking and voice control using MyRobotLab

Alessandruino's build in progress..

Works like LIDAR - uses a wiimote
  First RADAR then LIDAR now WiiDAR ! Read more

I2C Address Question

Hello !

I have decided to jump into I2C after dragging my feet for a couple years..

My question revolves around wanting to get 24+ 7 Segment LED drivers (http://www.adafruit.com/products/879#Description) on the same I2C bus..

As far as I can tell I2C (from a RasPi) supports 7 bit addresses ....  128 devices WOOHOOOO !

Requesting Info from 3D Printer Gurus

Hello LMRarians,

I can't wait any longer, I have to commit to get a 3D Printer.  
I have seen all the Printer Guru's create their own versions from RepRap or purchase Makerbot or other systems and create amazing parts.

I was wondering if I could get a summarised list of Pros & Cons from experts who have created or used these marvelous devices. 

Hopefully, someday soon I'll be able to join the Richard Gear family !

Arduino Service - almost like "real" software ....

Arduino Service - almost like "real" software ....

MRL - 3D Point Cloud

Put the video up - now got to join the points into a mesh - turn the mesh into a continuous space polygon which will wrap all possible space to move in - and use LKOptical tracking to anchor it to the "real world" ... then we'd be slamm'n

Hi LMRians.  Just thought I might show you the latest software I'm working on in MRL .


HSV depth version

SEAR + MRL = Simulator + Controller


Here's a video from a very cool project by morrows_end Kegfloater

Cheetah Robot can run faster than you !

Another great walker runner from Boston Dynamics