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InMoov tracking and voice control using MyRobotLab

Alessandruino's build in progress..

Works like LIDAR - uses a wiimote
  First RADAR then LIDAR now WiiDAR ! Read more

I2C Address Question

Hello !

I have decided to jump into I2C after dragging my feet for a couple years..

My question revolves around wanting to get 24+ 7 Segment LED drivers (http://www.adafruit.com/products/879#Description) on the same I2C bus..

As far as I can tell I2C (from a RasPi) supports 7 bit addresses ....  128 devices WOOHOOOO !

Requesting Info from 3D Printer Gurus

Hello LMRarians,

I can't wait any longer, I have to commit to get a 3D Printer.  
I have seen all the Printer Guru's create their own versions from RepRap or purchase Makerbot or other systems and create amazing parts.

I was wondering if I could get a summarised list of Pros & Cons from experts who have created or used these marvelous devices. 

Hopefully, someday soon I'll be able to join the Richard Gear family !

Arduino Service - almost like "real" software ....

Arduino Service - almost like "real" software ....

MRL - 3D Point Cloud

Put the video up - now got to join the points into a mesh - turn the mesh into a continuous space polygon which will wrap all possible space to move in - and use LKOptical tracking to anchor it to the "real world" ... then we'd be slamm'n

Hi LMRians.  Just thought I might show you the latest software I'm working on in MRL .


HSV depth version

SEAR + MRL = Simulator + Controller


Here's a video from a very cool project by morrows_end Kegfloater

Cheetah Robot can run faster than you !

Another great walker runner from Boston Dynamics

Description An H-bridge circuit typically provides motor control in robotic designs. Low voltage, low amperage control signals (TTL) are used to control motors. … Read more