Let's Make Robots!
arduinoscope over network, multiple arduino boards, multiple instances, BORG!
This tutorial will be going over the Sensor Monitor Service.  The Sensor Monitor allows you to visualize and combine data from sensors.  In addition it … Read more

MRL + Kinect

Found a inexpensive kinect sensor on craigslist today..  Built the openkinect libraries..  fired up glview - boom ... Hey .. whataya know ... it works !    Next?  Integration with MRL, SLAM & MAAHR

Chumby - Ro-Bot-X's Living Room & MyRobotLab

Ro-Bot-X and I are working together even though we are 2500 miles away !

Hey Look... I can see Ro-Bot-X's living room through the eye of the bot he's currently working on ! (Hopefully he won't mind me posting it :) )

Biru Bot

Where's my Biru Bot?

myrobotlab, open source, Java, service based framework, robotics and creative machine control

MyRobotLab Plays Chess with Patrick?


This is a blog post for PM and anyone else interested.  I have been doing many updates to mrl, and have begun working on some tutorial videos.  Patrick Mccabe and I spoke a couple times regarding hooking up his great chess robot to mrl for a game engine.  

MRL - Facedetect


This is a forum post for Gareth, or others experiencing troubles with mrl .  TinHead noticed that the myrobotlab-0001/haarcascades directory was missing so I uploaded a new myrobotlab-0001.zip to http://code.google.com/p/myrobotlab/downloads/list additionally a new myrobotlab.jar should be dropped in (version 0001.0455) 

voice control, internet applet control, Java app control, joystick
Update 2011.04.21 Thanks for all the feedback on the PID questions I had.  I have some basic P-control system in place, in addition I found a really nasty bug … Read more