Let's Make Robots!
  I found myself in a situation where polar coordinates are used in determining position and location of a small robot and several objects of interest.  In order … Read more

Rex + Wheel Hybrid

Thought MarkusB and others would appreciate this.

2 Bit Motor Controller Weirdness



I was wondering if some of you guru's could provide some insight as to why (what I thought was simple) motor controller is not preforming correctly.

How to - "Kollie Cyborg"

For those DIY'ers who want to take Lassie and turn her into a Cyborg, apparently there is an old Russian "How To"

It appears to be an amalgam of Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov disturbing work in the 1950's and some clever CG artist.

Full article in Russian here.




Proposal of MoMo 0.9 with WiiDAR

Genetic Programming and Walking the Dog

I have been thinking for a long time about how to harness the power of the internet into programming robots.  I can imagine a robot here which I give some form of task.  Let's say (and this would be relevant) finding a wall socket and plugging itself in.  The task of successfully identifying a wall socket, moving the robot to a correct location, and inserting some sort of plug would seem monumental.

Dagu Gear Motor Pain

I have been flumoxed by a motor issue recently, and was wondering if others had some strategy dealing with it successfully.