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Dagu Gear Motor Pain

I have been flumoxed by a motor issue recently, and was wondering if others had some strategy dealing with it successfully.

Forum suggestion - 2 Code Tags

This is in response to JAX's original excellent suggestion about getting a plug in for code.  I had to repost here because in attempting to help arbarnhart accidentally threw up all over that post - here 

Doing a little searching I found this which led me to the Drupal plugin here ..

Looks like the right idea...  I could try it on my site...

Merry Christmas from Skynet and everyone at Cyberdyne Systems!

The vid and comment from youtube just needed to be reposted...

The videos of these quadcopters are really impressive.
Video positioning information is captured by other systems in the room - and its all processed on several computers, then flight commands & correction info is fed back to the copter.

An earlier video shows some of the maneuverability and great flight control.

visualizes uC data - if your robot is part puter - you can use Alerts to change behavior
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What do you like in a SOFTWARE Motor Controller?

CTC & I were shouting and the topic came to smart motor control.  Strangely, I have was working on a motor control software interface, and thought, what a great opportunity to ask, "What would you desire in motor control?"

My interface commands currently looks like this :

Optical Encoder giving variety of results

I have a QRB 1114 and have done a little experimenting with electrical tape on my wheels.  I "thought" that I had this working before in a different setup, but maybe it was not working "correctly" before.

Ustream & Applets on Robot Pages

Now that we are all cutting edge and stuff, it seems like it would be pretty nifty to have live video feeds & possibly controls (applets) capability on Robot pages.

That way you could just go there and drive or play with it if its on-line, immediate gratifications.

Currently it doesn't look like Robot pages support embedding from ustream, and I'm guessing applet tags get pulled off.

Live soccer robots on LMR - Software

This post is to help Frits or anyone else get and deploy the necessary software for OddBot's "Live soccer robots on LMR".

The game will be a multi-player remote control internet soccer game. Complete with cameramen, laser towers and any other silly shenanigans we can think of.