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new 3d printable robot on the works


I need sensors for my robot not to fall from tables, etc. I thought of using sharp ir sensors, specifically GP2Y0D805Z0F - which is a digital sensor has has detection range of 5cm.

I am thinking of using two sensors, although if I can get away with using just one that would be better. I put a picture of the front of my robot. and I marked the optical axes from ground point to place on bot, i.e. sensor placement.



turn towards given heading, accept some commands
Using a
I have updated the code, and made a project page for it on github. PID now works nicely. Read more

how do i post code

hello all,

i have been coding this bot for a month now. i have progressed, and now i want to show to code to others for peer review.


how do i post code? i could not attach it as a file. (ino file)



Particle Filter Localization


I am reading and researching about particle filters. I understand doing a full implementation of a SLAM would not be suitable if we are using things like IR sensors, Sonars, etc. So instead of making a SLAM I decided to make a particle filter.

arduino and SLAM


I am developing a robot platform for children for educational purposes. My aim is to build a sub 100$ bot with arduino brains. I myself is a good programmer, and if I were to do it for myself, I would use an ARM or a better platform, but I have to constraint this project with arduino.

I have already designed some parts, and I have access to a 3d printer, so it is going all well. I already have a servo/sharp IR sensor scanner, and currently I am using a tamiya tracked vehicle for platform.

robot programming toolkits


It has been a while that I have not done any robots programming, so I need to update my skills.

What is the most recent robotics toolkit library? There are carmen and mrpt.org - but they both seem kind of old? What is the newest of such software, with community support? Are there any new ones?

Also, I dont want to work with arduino, nor pic - I have done both and I want to graduate from both of them? What would you guys suggest? ARM???

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