Let's Make Robots!

Pi Jumper

I finally had a chance to release Pi Jumper today!

Pi Jumper is my Raspberry Pi to breadboard breakout, designed to be useful in education (and at home).

Pi Jumper

Pi Jumper, mounted on a Raspberry Pi, with a female round header for easy bread boarding.

Pi Jumper Plus

RoboPi - the most powerful Robot controller for the Raspberry Pi (adds 8 core co-processor)

RoboPi stacked on a Raspberry Pi

Mikronauts RoboPi adds an eight-core 32-bit microcontroller running at 100Mhz to the Raspberry Pi in order to off-load hard real time I/O and allow more precise timing than Linux running on the Pi allows.

RoboPi Features

"The Better Mousetrap" Servo Tester

I've decided that my new servo tester (based on RoboPi) deserved a page of its own on my site, and that other LMR users may be interested in following my build log.

"The Better Mousetrap Servo Tester"

You can find the build log, and more photos at:


(The jitter issue is now identified as the MG-995 servos needing unusually clean servo power)

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Hantek 1008B Oscilloscope review

I wanted to watch a lot of analog data faster than Arduino's or MCP3208's could manage, so I ordered a Hantek 1008B a while ago.

Hantek 1008B Review

Since I decided to use it for the HexPi and TBMST tests, I decided to write a review before using it - figuring that if it ended up being useful to me, it may be useful to others.

HexPi - video of trembling legs

In case anyone is interested, I've an embedded video of HexPi with the better mousetrap servo tester controlling his front legs.


HexPi Calisthenics

It shows quite clearly how poorly some of the MG-995's behave - even with very filtered power.

I'll try to embed the video here, not sure if it will work (never tried to before) ... nope, did not work.


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What is your favorite dual H-bridge motor driver?

I am looking to find out what motor drivers people like, so that I can try them with my RoboPi controller.

So far, I have tried driver boards based on:

- L9110S

- L293D

- L298N

- a Cytron 15A/channel discrete MOSFET board

I have, but have not tried yet

- Dagu "Mr. Basic" driver board

- Dagu 4 channel board for the Rover 5

- OEM 320A (I have serious doubts about the rating) driver

Which boards do y'all like, and why? Please give amp rating and price if possible, and links would be great too :)