Let's Make Robots!

Best robot chassis

Was wondering what you guys thought the best "chassis" for robot development was.  Not looking for electronics or a "kit" but just a platform with wheels (or legs or whatever).  I like the idea of doing my own electronics (processors, sensors, power systems, etc.) and could/would eventually build my own from component parts, but I like the speed of starting with known motor/wheels/platform that are well matched and robust.  I have already fried a servo trying to start with that.  I also figure that by the time I bought motors, plexiglass, wheels, etc.

Dead Servo?

I was working on my first robot and it looks like my servo just died.  One works and one doesn't when I swap the two, the "dead" one doesnt work with the "good" hookup.  Are servos that delicate?  Its a GWS continuous rotation servo.  Was working fine, then ran for a while with a wierd ground, then nothing.


Thanks for any suggestions.