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Magnetic servo clutches from DAGU

After years of being frusatrated by stripped gears in my servos I have finally done something about it. DAGU is now producing servo clutches to suit 8g and 9g miniature servos.

Unlike normal servo savers, Dagu servo clutches can be continuously rotated without damage to the clutch or the servo. They look like a servo horn but are a few millimeters thicker. They can be configured for both standard and continuous rotation servos. Here are some common configurations:

Micro Robot Controller


This is my new Arduino compatible controller for 2012.

I have crammed as many basic features as I can into a tiny PCB and even written a library to help you use these features. The ability to drive 8 servos (3A maximum) directly from the controller make this an ideal controller for a small Quadruped or robot arm.

Building the perfect Beast (robot chassis)

2012 may be the year of the Dragon for China but it is the year of the robot chassis for me. I am trying to create a new range of robot chassis's and I'd like to know what features my robot building friends would like to see in a chassis. Obviously low cost and high quality are preferable but what else?

For example size? As far as I can see there is already a range of sizes on the market. Is there a size that's missing? I was looking at some cool wheels that were about 250mm (10 inch). Would you want a huge chassis and for what purpose?

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. Potato cannon mounted on 6WD robot

Ok, to begin with it is just a normal SparkFun "new product post" but check out the last few minutes of the video. They mounted a potato cannon on a 6WD Wild Thumper chassis!

Who thought robots and potatoes could be so much fun?

Struggling with creating libraries for Arduino


Documentation of my efforts will be continued in my blog: Building a new controller - fun and games

Thanks to the help of my fellow LMR members I now have a working library. I have attached the initial library created as a result of this forum. A big thanks to cr0c0, Maus and Mogule who put a lot of effort into helping me with my code. The attached library is not the final product, I need to add more functions and examples yet (I may also need more help).

Cloud computing - the next world crisis?

I have just used my first internet based software tool and I found the number of times it could not save my changes because the server did not respond or gave a bad response to be very annoying!

When I first heard of cloud computing I thought it was a foolish idea. Now more than ever I think any company that becomes dependant on cloud computing is going to suffer badly.

Ok, this is just my personal opinion, maybe I'm wrong, here are the reasons I think it's a bad idea.

Support site for DAGU kits and products

G'day Everyone,

I have been designing products for DAGU for over 2 years now. During this time I have always tried to provide technical support and help in general here on LMR. I will still continue to do so but previously I had trouble uploading manuals because of upload limits.

Anthropomimetic Robot

This is a rather cool looking robot that is constructed more like a human with bones, muscles and tendons. We have seen some similar designs on LMR before, perhaps earlier attempts by the same team?


Things that drive you mad!

Have you ever been stuck on a problem for hours or even days and then find that the answer was so simple?

I would like to make a collection of robot tips and tricks for when you get stuck. A list you can look at of all the stupid things you might have done. Hopefully by creating this list then in the future when you get stuck on a problem that just doesn't make sense you can read through it and solve your problem in just a few minutes.

And the winner is?????

Well the deadline is up. Robot Grrl and I have both entered the "Make a robot with personality" contest on Make magazine. I think there is another entry as well but I'm not sure if he's from LMR.

Jax gave it his best but Murphy kicked him in the pants.

The judging is done by the staff of MAKE magazine. Check the robots out and see what you think.

Robot Grrl's RoboBrrd: http://makeprojects.com/Project/RoboBrrd/862/1