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Cheap 4WD off road chassis for your robot
The chassis of the "Rebound" is perfect for small off road robots. The PCB has a radio receiver and dual "H" bridge. This walkthrough shows you how to make the … Read more

From Picaxe to Arduino

When I joined LMR I had just written my first picaxe program. After 16 months I have finally crossed over to Arduino. The biggest problem I found was that all the commands were not in one neat package like the picaxe manuals (Manual 2 in particular).

This is Mr. Tidy, his job is to pick up bottles and glasses after a party and put them in a tidy pile.The third video shows him picking up his first can. Read more
Driving motors at low speed with good torque
Many micro controllers have a PWM function built into their hardware that can be used to control the speed of motors or be filtered to create an analog output. … Read more
It's Here! Now with Video of it in Action on dirt using 34:1 gearboxes and new videos going down and up stairs and over snow with 75:1 gearboxes. Now available in … Read more

Dagu is closing for Chinese new year

Just letting everyone know that DAGU will be closing for Chinese new year on the 11th of February. We will open again at the end of February so anyone wanting to order stuff from us may have to wait for a few weeks if they don't place their order quickly.

LMR birthday

LMR birthday video from Dagu with surprise ending :P

Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair

 As mentioned in my new blog, Jack and I will be attending the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair next week. We will fly to Nuremberg, Germany on Tuesday (2nd) and will be there till the 9th. Our stand is No. H6 / A-32.

If anyone wants to visit us but doesn't want to enter the fair then we will be staying here: http://www.hotel-aurora.info/



I have been asked recently to design a beambot for a customer. According to Wikipedia this is a true beam bot because only analog components are used. This model … Read more

Going to China


The last 6 months of my life have been full of ups and downs. I have been on workcover for the last 6 months for an injury I sustained at work. This gave me the time to discover LMR and make new friends (and robots). Thanks to LMR, Jack from DAGU discovered me and is now producing not only my robots but will soon produce other robots from other builders at LMR.