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Learning to use WiFly RN-XV module, any advice?

Recently I have started trying to add WiFi to my robots. The WiFly modules seem like a good choice. Reasonably priced and they fit in an XBee socket so that I can easily swap the hardware between Xbee and WiFly. For this reason I added an Xbee / WiFly socket on the ComMotion shield. Unfortunately I know nothing about networking so I have a steep learning curve ahead.

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Increase torque or reduce noise in DC brushed motors
By default, most Arduino pwm outputs are set to about 490Hz or 980Hz. These frequencies work quite well with small dc brushed motors but can cause unwanted noise or … Read more
High speed omni directional robot ideal for soccer bots
Using a
Now with video, Scamper appears to be a little wobbly at slow speeds but that is because at only 6%, the motors are constantly stalling and restarting. Once the … Read more

Spider controller

The DAGU Red back Spider controller is an Arduino Mega (1280) compatible controller that is especially designed for driving a large number of servos. All 70 I/O pins are terminated in servo compatible 3pin male headers as well as the standard female header and the power supply is a switchmode power supply delivering 5V @ 3A from an input voltage of 7V - 32V.

Fish Heads! Why it hurts when everyone talks about burgers, steak and pizza!

To begin with, this forum is not intended to insult Chinese cooking. It just shows one of the many differences between east and west.

How to use the serial port flow control to reset an Arduino from a PC or tablet? (Solved!)

I want to connect an Arduino to a tablet and have an app on the tablet reset the Arduino if required. The robot I am designing has multiple Arduinos and sensors all linked via I2C. One of the Arduinos (the master) connects to a tablet via the USB and passes commands from the tablet to the various slave Arduinos.

Beware of these recent phishing scams

This is nothing to do with robots but I have had 2 scams in 2 days so I thought I'd warn you. Recently there have been some high profile security leaks and it seems there are some arseholes trying to take advantage of it.


The first scam claimed to be a shipping confirmation from Amazon with an attached zip file. Since I never order from amazon and the email address is bogus, actually sent from "newskmle@idriveyouupawall.com" I knew it was a scam and automatically deleted it.


Xinjiang, robots and bombs!

Well another year has gone by and it is time to visit Xinjiang again. Xinjiang is far north west in China and borders onto several other countries. We regularly attend their science festival in Karamay and then go for a short tour around this beautiful part of China.

DAGU CNC mill controller - first prototype

I've been developing a CNC controller for DAGU. The project originally started late 2012 but got shelved because of other projects. Now we've dusted it off and plan to finish it in the next 6 months. Unfortunately blog post don't support video so watch the video that explains the basics by clicking on the link.