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Does anyone use an Arduino DUE

I am curious if anyone has an Arduino DUE. I cannot remember anyone posting a robot that uses one.

I suspect they are not popular because they are 3.3V.

If you considered buying one and changed your mind then why? Do they have some problem other than 3.3V?

T'REX tank chassis

It's been a long time coming but the T'REX robot chassis is here!

I've just been testing the final product so I thought I would post a few photos of the new chassis. The chassis is aluminium with a black powder coating. The tracks and struts are zinc with a black anodized finish. The wheels are zinc with a chrome finish.

Service Droid forum subject

If you have bought a Service Droid or intend to buy one then I just wanted to let you know that Frits has added "Service Droid" to the list of forum subjects (look at the bottom of the list). By selecting the Service Droid subject when writing a forum post yo make it easier in future to find information or answers to questions previously asked.

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Useful information for building robots

Just as LMR has a scrap book for our robots when they appear on other sites I think we need a similar collection of links to useful information. Although we can just post a web link, the web links can be about a wide range of things, many are just cool / funny videos or shops.

Ideally we need a database of useful information such as the tutorials written by LMR members plus information found elsewhere. I presume Frits is working on something like this for LMR4.

Venus - public venue display robot

The Venus robot is a 125cm (4.1ft) robot designed for display at public venues. The base is an adaptation of my BigBot robot base and uses the T'REX robot controller combined with a 9inch Android Tablet for human interfacing using the touch screen.

Update: Final parts arrived for the Service Droid - shipping at the end of the week

First of all I want to apologise that this has taken so long. It is partly my fault that the kits have taken so long to be produced because I made some last minute improvements to increase the strength of the arms.

We have also had some delays waiting for parts to arrive. The latest being that the laser cut factory missed one part. These parts arrived today. The parts cannot be packed tomorrow because we have another order that must be finished first so packing won't begin until Wednesday.

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