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drive a parallel display using a 8574 port expander
Using a
Any parallelly interfaced character LCD you get these days will have a Hitachi HD44780 chip or a different one compatible with the HD44780. These usually have 14 … Read more

Cheap leds

need some bright leds?

Look here:


10 bright leds for $3.90 (or 1,99 euros)


  This is my 3rd robot, the first non-frits-like ;) I'll never post anything about previous robots: you can find many F-Like robots here. Well, legged walkers are … Read more



my first question for my first robot. Someone have some experience with the TPA8 sensor?

In your opinion, can I use this sensor to build a bot able to find - for example - some human?


hello, new member here...


i'm new here, and new to robotics too. I live in Italy near Florence and Vinci. 

I think LMR it's a very very nice & interesting place!

Ciao everybody!

(And excuse me for my english... )